Helping You Get Your Good Employee

At Howlund, we offer friendly, high-quality, in-time and comprehensive worker recruiting and immigration services to all our valued business clients.

Identifying your Needs

We will work with you to identify your staffing needs, such as the skills, certifications and experience you require, and a timeline for your new employees to start working for you. We will design and recommend a plan that will cater to your specific needs.

Qualifying the Worker

We will arrange for each candidate to write the competency tests to meet the professional, occupational, or trades qualification standards of Alberta. For example, if you need a worker in a trade specified as a Compulsory Certification Trade established by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training, we will walk the worker through the qualification certification process. This will include preparation and sitting for the exams.

Applying for Labor Market Opinion

Usually, a “foreign worker quota”, which is officially called the Labor Market Opinion, must be obtained from the federal government before a Canadian employer can hire a foreign worker. Service Canada requires the employer to apply for validation of a foreign worker position. This can be a complicated process, but we have the knowledge and the experience to successfully lead you through it.

Obtaining the Work Permit

Foreigners cannot work in Canada unless they are granted a Work Permit, or exempted from the requirement for a Work Permit. As experienced, federal government-approved immigration consultants, we ensure the success of your future employee’s Work Permit application. Our knowledge and expertise are often vital factors in both speeding up and smoothing out the Permit application process.

Providing Post-Arrival Support Services

Our services do not end when your future employees arrive in Canada. We will help them to settle down and smoothly transition into their new living and job environment so they can feel at ease and will focus on doing a good job for you. Assistance for your foreign workers includes, but is not limited to:Logistics such as airport pickup, acquiring SIN and Alberta Health cards, banking, orientation, and housing, if not provided by the employer. Introduction to the local community, schools, social events and recreational activities. Strengthening English competency and assisting in preparation for required exams. Updating their work skills to Canadian standards, and their workplace awareness to the Canadian environment. Attending to emergency situations upon employer request.